Our pack









The whole reason of getting huskies was the idea of turning our world upside down.

From the beginning we knew that this dogs needed a lot of exercise and a job to do, so we had a long "what to do" list to entertain ourselves and our dogs at the same time. Advice on getting a sled and put our dogs in a racing sport came from our breeder Alena, she is a racer herself and thought we might like it. We didnt like it thought, we loved it. Of course we could just go for a skijoring (It is also a sport with your dogs, only the dogs pull a skier enstead of a sled), but we have no idea how to ski, so thats something we will have to learn and who knows.

One day my husband Anton went to Korobovo, where the dogs get trained to pull sleds and follow the trail, so he went there to pick up Danler - our firs new and shiny sled. He took Chiko and Rys ("Lynx") (they were about 10 months old and never have been in a sled line before) in hope to try them out in a sled. Our pups acted like they've been working sleds before! We were so proud. Alena offered one of her dogs (Kasya) as a leader, so our dogs can follow and learn, bur Chiko didnt like that at all and growled at Kasya, refusing to be in a same sled line, I think he didnt like the idea of another male being around his girlfriend Chiko and Rys were amazing, they've made a 2 mile run with a steady speed and no pull overs. They even tried to go for a 4 mile run, but we thought it will be too much for their first time. 

Alena was impressed and said that we should try to race. Honestly I laughed back at her, but she argued saing that she has never seen such young dogs working so good for the first time being in a line and without an experienced dog-leader. We didnt participate in any races that same year, but we kept training our dogs and eventually we began to race and...win!. Thats how it all started.